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The Territory Worker Database is a great way for jobseekers and Northern Territory employers to connect. If you are interested in coming to work in the Northern Territory, the database allows you to register your skills so that potential employers may find you when talent searching, even before you arrive.

How does it work?

It’s easy to register - simply create an account. From there you can upload your resume, and enter specific details - for example, are you interested only in remote work, or only being in Darwin.

Northern Territory employers and recruitment agencies registered with the database are able to search for suitable candidates interested in working in the Northern Territory to fill their vacancies.

Please note that the Department of Business does not offer a job placement service. The Territory Worker Database is a tool made available for workers and employers to connect. The Northern Territory Government has no role in recruiting and appointing staff for Northern Territory employers.

Are my details secure?

Yes, we are secure. Your details are held on a secure server and will not be available to anyone other than Northern Territory employers and recruitment agencies that register to use the Territory Worker Database.


We are always interested in your feedback, both on how the database can be improved and if you found a job or employee through this service. Please email territoryworker@nt.gov.au with your comments.

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